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Your voyages

EVEREST is your best travels with caravans created by professionals.

We understand your needs because we travel ourselves and from each trip we bring ideas on how to create better and more comfortable caravans.

Solutions we provide are tailored to your needs.


Discovering beautiful corners of the world does not have to involve staying in hotels or guesthouses. Traveling with a caravan is becoming more and more popular. Caravanning is a form of traveling that involves not only lower costs, but above all, the possibility of organizing trips in a way that suits you. As a manufacturer and distributor of caravans, we are able to select functional solutions to customer needs because we love traveling in this style. Our offer includes not only camping and tourist models, but also cargo, expedition and off-road models.

A wide range of caravans for everyone

In addition to the models produced by us, customers can also count on solutions from recognized domestic and foreign brands. As a distributor of caravans, we supply Niewiadów vehicles from a Polish manufacturer with over 50 years of experience and the stunningly styled Caretta trailers, which are the most popular brand in the teardrop segment. Both brands are recognized around the world and enable the organization of both long and short trips in comfortable conditions.

In our offer, you will easily find a caravan perfectly suited to your needs and the capabilities of your car.

We are a distributor of models that are perfect even for small cars. This dynamically developing segment of the light travel trailer market fits perfectly into the trends of modern automotive industry, dominated by electric and hybrid vehicles.

Travel however you want with our caravans

When traveling with a caravan, you ensure maximum comfort in organizational matters. You decide where you will go and for how long - you plan the route yourself and can modify it as you wish. It's up to you where you will stay overnight - close to tourist attractions, at a quiet forest campsite or in the wild. Your expectations will always come first - you don't have to adapt to others, of course, apart from those you take with you. We understand your needs because we travel ourselves and from each trip we bring ideas on how to create better and more comfortable trailers.

Everest was established to provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Przyczepy kempingowe - doradztwo


We support you in choosing the best model for you

Przyczepy kempigowe - indywidualne potrzeby
Individual approach

We adapt trailers to individual needs

Przyczepy kempigowe - finansowanie

We take care of formalities related to installments and leasing

Przyczepy kempingowe - serwis
Warranty and service

We provide data of service partners at the customer's request

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