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3 seater trailer NIEWIADÓW NT-Sport, NTL-Sport, N-Sports
  • Enlarged, convenient to use locker

  • Definitely better aerodynamic parameters

  • New exterior design

  • More space inside thanks to the straight back wall

  • Another very solid and warm caravan made in sandwich technology

  • Thanks to the thick 30mm insulation, it will not heat up in the summer and will be warm in the fall

  • A light trailer, which allows it to be combined with most vehicles (even small ones - check the O.1 position in the registration document),

  • A category B driving license is sufficient to drive,

  • Small dimensions for easy maneuvering and storage of the trailer out of season,

  • Possibility of expanding the usable space thanks to the company's vestibules,

  • A wide range of additional equipment.

The trailer can accommodate 3 people (wider bed thanks to the hanging wardrobe)

  • Overrun brake and AL-KO hitch

  • Axle shock absorbers

  • Wheels 13 inches 165/70R13

  • Permissible maximum speed 100 km/h

  • Very warm trailer - made of insulated sandwich panels

  • In the living area there is a table, which in the evening turns into a folding bed measuring 180/195 (NTL model) or 135/195 (N and NT model)

  • The curb weight of the trailer is 700 kg

  • Permissible Gross Weight in the range of 750 kg to 850 kg

Youexternal measures
  • Height: 255cm

  • Width: 205cm

  • Length: 450cm

Internal dimensions of the living space
  • Height: 185cm

  • Width: 195cm

  • Length: 305cm


Standard equipment
  • The kitchen is equipped with

    • fridge - 3 functions, powered by 12V, 230V, gas (DOMETIC type RM 42XX); fridge capacity 51l + 6l freezer); daily energy consumption 2.3 kWh, gas 0.24 kg

    • gas cooker

    • sink

  • 40L clean water tank

  • Stabilizing supports - 4 pcs, wrench for supports included

  • Power cable


Standard equipment on NT-Sport and NTL-Sport models
  • The bathroom is equipped with 

    • shower with a paddling pool

    • hot water from the TERMA electric boiler

    • THETFORD cassette toilet


Additional equipment
  • TRUMA Vario Heat gas heating - PLN 8,000 net

  • Vestibule - PLN 3,500 net

  • Solar installation - 110W photovoltaic set - PLN 2,050 net price

  • Driving stabilizer, overrun device AKS 1300 -  price PLN 1,300 net

  • Roof air conditioner Dometic Freshjet 1100 -  8.000 PLN net

  • spare wheel - PLN 450 net

  • USB sockets - PLN 250 net

  • Entrance step PLN 100 net

N-Sport - Net price PLN 44,900 = PLN 55,227 gross

NT-Sport - Net price PLN 49,900 = PLN 61,377 gross

NTL-Sort - Net price PLN 49,900 = PLN 61,377 gross

The announcement is informative and constitutes an invitation to conclude a contract (Article 71 of the Civil Code); however, it does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66 pairs 1 of the Civil Code.
Please contact us to confirm the offer and obtain detailed information.

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